Due to many delays, I am now planning to go through the Panama Canal in September and sail to the Galapagos, Marquesas and arrive in Tahiti around January 2020. Then 3 month later in April 2020 (after cruising around French Polynesia) continue all the way to Darwin, Australia (with many stops along the way), then up through Indonesian, Singapore and final destination Thailand, with an arrival in Singapore around January 2021. Looking for crew for the first leg from Panama to Tahiti (maybe all the way to Thailand ), then one crew for the second leg from Tahiti to Darwin (maybe Thailand).

I actually need 2 new crew members (but NO couples).

Preferably between 25 and 55 years old (male or female). Fit and non smokers.

I think 3 people on board is perfect as it is more difficult to cook for 4 in a small galley, but just about right for 3. Besides, there are three very comfortable cabins with private heads without using the cramped crew quarters.

Also, I prefer 6 hour shifts with a natural rotation than 4 hours watches. (This is however flexible).

Alcohol consumption shall be kept to a minimum while at sea and no more than a beer or glass of wine. Once at anchor or secure at the dock we might have a few Sun-Downers. No drugs of any kind please ! I am not captain "Bligh", but I do demand cleanliness, both in your cabin and bathroom, as well as personal hygiene. 


The "Wandrin' Star" is a 68 foot custom steel ketch with a 16 foot beam and 8 foot draft.

She has 2 radars, 3 autopilots and 2 water makers. There are several GPS plotters and Iridium satellite communication. She is easy to sail with double furlers that are controlled by one of 5 electric winches.

Itinerary for 2019

Itinerary - Note: changed a bit from the map above ! We will now, most likely bypass New Zealand  (it is however still an option).

The new itinerary is based on places where "crew changes" and visits can take place. Of course it does NOT show all the places we will stop, as not all of them are suited for crew changes due to the difficulty of flying in or immigration transfers etc.

"Wandrin' Star" Itinerary Aug 2019 - April 2021                

Date :                                      Trip :                              Minimum / Max Crew :

Aug 2019                       San Blas Islands ??                       Min 1 / Max 4
Sept 2019             Panama Canal (Isla Perlas ?)               Min 4 / Max 5

Sept 2019                 Panama - Galapagos                  Min 2 / Max 3

Oct 2019                     Galapagos - Marquesas                   Min 2 / Max 3 

Nov - Dec 2019              Marquesas Islands                       Min 1 / Max 4 

Dec - Jan 2019/2020      Tuamotus Islands                       Min 1 / Max 4

Feb 2020                                 Tahiti                                 Min 0/ Max 4

Mar 2020                   Tahiti to Bora Bora                           Min 1 / Max 4

April 2020                 Bora Bora - Tonga                            Min 1 / Max 3

May - June 2020               Tonga - Fiji                                Min 1 / Max 4

July 2020                         Fiji - Vanuatu                              Min 1 / Max 4

Aug 2020                   Vanuatu - Darwin                          Min 2 / Max 4

Sept - Oct 2020      Darwin - Bali (Indonesia)                  Min 2 / Max 4

Oct - Nov 2020              Bali - Singapore                          Min 2 / Max 4

Dec 2021                              Singapore                               Min 0 / Max 4

Jan 2021           Singapore - Langkawi (Malaysia)          Min 1 / Max 4

Feb 2021         Langkawi - Puket Bay (Thailand)        Min 1 / Max 4

The Wandrin' Star is 68' on deck and has 4 cabins and 4 heads and is fully equipped with the latest high-tech gear. I believe in backup systems so she has double of everything, including water makers. She is a super comfortable CRUISING boat. No rush ! Safety and comfort is important and seeing as much as possible along the way.

The Star has over 1400 Watts of solar power to run the fridge and independent freezer, the autopilots and electric winches and a 8 kw diesel generator to back it up. We usually run the generator to make fresh water and at that time also some hot water and do laundry. (2 hot water heaters and washer and dryer).

The main dinghy is a 14' hard bottom inflatable with a 60 hp Suzuki (it flies). There's also a second 9' inflatable with a 15 hp Mercury, so we don't get stuck in an anchorage, but get to move around even in hard to reach places and up rivers etc. I love to explore by dinghy and snorkel. The Wandrin' Star has it's own air compressor to fill it's 4 scuba tanks, but at the time only dive gear for 2 people. Lot's of snorkel gear though

A little about me.   My name is Henric Sundberg     at henricstar@gmail.com

I was born in Sweden and raised in Switzerland (German part). After graduation from College in Sweden (Engineer), I moved to Canada with my parents. I started my own companies and basically semi retired when I was 35 already. I always dreamt about sailing around the world, but I have been stuck in the Caribbean for the last 25 years (not necessarily a bad thing).

Started sailing off the west coast of Sweden when I was 7 years old in an Optimist and have worked my way up to bigger boats since . Designed and started building the Wandrin' Star in Canada in 1986 and sailed her to the Caribbean in 1994. Been tied to the dock in Panama for the last 8 years do to refurbishing and personal reasons.
I have accumulated a bit of knowledge over 30 years on the boat, so your sailing experience is not as important as a good attitude and willingness to listen and learn. I am however, a terrible cook and my diet is very one-sided, so having someone on board to broaden that a bit and help with the provisioning and galley duties would be a plus.

The work on the Wandrin' Star has taken a lot longer than I had planned, but its now finally time to sail to the other side of our little globe. I love Rock music from the 70th and play a little acoustic guitar myself (as long as the crew can tolerate it).