see itinerary on Googlemap :


Basically leaving Panama (Caribbean side) in March 2018 and arriving in New Zealand around November 2018. Then on the move again in 2019 or 2020 to Thailand via Fiji, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The trip will be over the next 2-3years.
Looking for crew for the first leg from Panama to New Zealand, or only parts of it (or the whole thing)

The Wandrin' Star is 68' on deck and has 4 cabins and 4 heads and is fully equipped with the latest high-tech gear. I believe in backup systems so she has double of everything, including water makers. She is a super comfortable CRUISING boat. No rush ! Safety and comfort is important and seeing as much as possible along the way.

The Star has over 1400 Watts of solar power and a 8 kw diesel generator. We usually run the generator to make fresh water and at that time also some hot water and do laundry. (2 hot water heaters and washer and dryer).

The main dinghy is a 14' hard bottom inflatable with a 60 hp Suzuki (it flies). There's also a second 9' inflatable with a 15 hp Mercury, so we don't get stuck in an anchorage, but get to move around even in tough to reach places and up rivers etc. I love to explore by dinghy and snorkel. The Wandrin' Star has it's own air compressor to fill it's 4 scuba tanks, but at the time only dive gear for 2 people. Lot's of snorkel gear though.