I was born in Sweden and raised in Switzerland (German part). After graduation from College in Sweden (Engineer), I moved to Canada with my parents. I started my own companies and basically semi retired when I was 35 already. I always dreamt about sailing around the world, but I have been stuck in the Caribbean for the last 24 years (not necessarily a bad thing).

Started sailing off the west coast of Sweden when I was 7 years old in an Optimist Jolly and have worked my way up to bigger boats since . Designed and started building the Wandrin' Star in Canada in 1986 and sailed her to the Caribbean in 1994. Been tied to the dock in Panama for the last 7 years do to refurbishing and personal reasons.
I have accumulated a bit of knowledge over 30 years on the boat, so your sailing experience is not as important as the attitude to adventure. I am however, a terrible cook and my diet is very one-sided, so having someone on board to broaden that a bit and help with the provisioning and galley duties would be a plus.

The work on the Wandrin' Star has taken a lot longer than I had planned, but its now finally time to sail to the other side of our little globe. I love Rock music from the 70th and play a little acoustic guitar myself (as long as the crew can tolerate it).